News Release – March 12, 2019


March 12, 2019
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SkedMax debuts testing of new flight training scheduling software and student incentives program

It’s highly anticipated scheduling and student incentives program is a first in the aviation training scheduling world


North Orca Technologies Inc., developers of training scheduling software for airlines and general aviation will commence testing with selected customers it’s new general aviation flight training scheduling software and student incentives software SkedMax starting March 19th, 2018 with key partners.

This highly anticipated web app introduces many firsts in the flight training industry by introducing a new bonus point rewards program for students and as well as staggering of flights to maximize aircraft usage on a daily basis.

SkedMax takes control of all booking requests to create the best possible aircraft booking schedule by minimizing aircraft down time. Also new in the industry is a comprehensive student text message and email notification system that alerts and promotes aircraft rental.

With the release of SkedMax in Q1 2018, it also incorporates a seamless integration with FleetCaptain, a flight school operations support software that allows dispatching of flights that are booked through SkedMax. “More important than ever, FleetCaptain will help flight training facilities be more efficient handling the load of an optimal flight schedule and new students that SkedMax will generate for flight schools.” says North Orca’s CEO Stephane Way .

To find out how your school can benefit by having a more efficient aircraft schedule or to use SkedMax’s marketing program to promote your flight school to new students, please contact or visit