SkedMax Flight Training Scheduling Software integrates with FleetCaptain, a fleet operations support system for flight schools that includes;


  • Flight Dispatch
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Flightline / Ramp
  • Flight plan room
  • CFI / operational control
  • Pilot Weight & Balance planning tool



Business Case Components;


Increase Aircraft Utilization
  • Many more hours per plane per year
  • It’s like increasing your fleet size without adding planes


Staff & Management Productivy
  • Easy access to information and reports
  • Lighter operational load, especially when busy
  • Less problem solving, focus instead on excellence
Reduce Cost
  • Smooth, exception-free, low-touch processes
  • Enables use of fewer, newer aircraft – lower fixed costs per hour
Better Customer Experience
  • Aircraft availability
  • Easier rental experience, reliable results


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